Porn Film Festival Vienna

Festival Accreditation

- Info

Please note that you need to be involved in the film, media, press or film-festivals industry to be eligible for accreditation. An accreditation badge does not guarantee a cinema ticket. Tickets are only given in person with your accreditation badge and according to the availability of tickets. You can only pick up tickets for the current day. First-come, first-served. For accreditation holders: from 01. April to 4. April you can only get tickets for 1. April 2019. In order to attend side-events, you need to register online or at the festival center. All side-events for persons with accreditation is either for free or at an additional cost – please check the program for details.

- Payment & Pickup

Please pick up your festival badge from 01 April onwards at the Festival Center at Schikaneder Kino (Margaretenstraße 22-24, 1040 Wien). Please note that a fee of 30 euros will apply and payment can only be made in cash.

After filling out this form, there is one more step required to validate your accreditation: Please send an email to with the subject line „Accreditation PFFV 2019 First Name & Last Name“. Make sure to attach a current photograph as well as a document or link to verify your position in media/press or industry.
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