By participating in the festival, you and PFF Vienna form an agreement to ensure our  space  feels more  free  and  safer  for  us  all,  so  make  sure  you  follow  these  important rules:


Tickets are only sold to persons 18 and over, upon presentation of a valid ID.


This  is  the  most  important  rule  at  the  festival.  NO  racism,  sexism,  

homophobia,  transphobia,  body-shaming,  ageism,  ableism  or  discrimination  of  

any kind whatsoever.


Respect personal space, boundaries and consent - an enthusiastic YES

is a yes, everything else is a NO. Remember you are still in public, this is not the

place for nudity or engaging in sexual activity. Keep the fun for later - at one of

our many side events or parties.  


People  at  the  festival  will  have  diverse  genders,  sexualities,  

relationship styles, nationalities, ages, disabilities, class and cultural backgrounds,

and  political  and  religious  beliefs.  Please  try  not  to  make  assumptions  about  

these, and to take somebody’s self-identity at face value. Please ask when you’re



You are here because you want to see something new, daring and

different. You will see things you want to see, and other things you didn’t want

to see so much. Please do not make derogatory comments or jokes. Instead, stay

open minded and expand the limits of your comfort zone.


Please  keep  in  mind  that  bathrooms  are  gender-neutral  during  

the entire festival.


If  you  have  any  problems  at  the  event,  please  talk  to  one  of  the  

organizers.  However,  it  is  your  personal  responsibility  to  ensure  your  safety.  PFF  

Vienna can’t take responsibility for you. If you have any questions please contact

us for advice.


Please  use  it  generously!  We  hope  that  you  will  post  and  blog  

about the festival. Tag us on Instagram at @pffvienna and find us on Facebook at

“Porn Film Festival Vienna”. However, please do not publicly criticize or condemn

individuals. If you have a complaint or criticism about the event please consider

discussing it with the organizers. We are open to suggestions, improvements and



We  reserve  the  right  to  ask  a  participant  to  leave  the  event  

immediately if we believe that a violation has occurred, or if we consider that they

are a threat to the well-being of other participants. No refunds, no discussion.

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