Exquisite Pleasure presented by Blue Movie

Short Program
Language: EN OV
Length total: 87′
With: Jimena Lago, Selina Ak, Miriam Prado, Ena Sweet, Luna Ruiz, Miquel Zayas, Alex Ak, Jorge Prado, Andy Stone, Emilio Ardana, Lobo
Schikaneder Kino
April 5, 2019

Verso Cinema is a collective of internationally multi awarded filmmakers under another identity. They say about themselves: "We seek to break that barrier in order to create, with absolute freedom, a new concept of pornography, where eroticism and sensuality emerge through the film language and narrative. We want to awaken your mind. We want to inspire you. We want to excite you."

Exquisite Pleasure is exactly what the title suggests: an exquisite pleasure to watch, divided into five parts. A horny couple inspires us with a very interesting version of the game hangman and we learn how a burglary can go wrong yet end in a pleasant way however. We experience which secret ingredient a master baker uses to create some fluffy muffins. Another episode shows us that a cage and some fangs make very versatile utensils in a nightclub before we dive into the rhythm of love in its manifold expressions.

This program is presented by Blue Movie.