Nach der Zukunft & Sixty Nine Club (double feature)

Fortuna Kino
April 6, 2019

Nach der Zukunft, André Krummel, GER 46′, GER OV + EN subs

Sixty Nine Club, Rob Eagle, GBR 2018, 23, EN OV + EN subs

Nach der Zukunft

Somewhere between the seemingly military order of provincial events of German civil protection and the ecstasy of gay sex-on-meth parties, Ortwin Passon's life takes place. HIV-positive, he survived a time when his diagnosis was tantamount to a death sentence. Now he fights for the right to unprotected sex and writes about the political and criminal relevance of barebacking. As an activist he turns against a state that in his eyes acts repressively and tries to restrict civil liberties. Privately he radically explores the limits set by the state and the public: at group parties where he has unprotected anal intercourse with men under the influence of hard drugs. A controversial and thought-provoking film.


Sixty Nine Club

It’s 1965. Homosexuality is still illegal in Britain. The gay liberation movement is yet in its infancy. However, things are about to change. In the documentary 69, director Rob Eagle is telling the story of the Sixty Nine Club, Europe’s oldest social group for gay leathermen. Officially founded as ‘motorcycle club’ to escape legal prosecution, this club was a place where gay men could celebrate hyper-masculinity in leather and fetish, including BDSM. Based on home movies and colorful interviews with the endearing members, the film explores the rich history of the club from the beginnings through the AIDS crisis till now – thus narrating an important chapter of British gay history.