Festival Tickets

Tickets go on sale on 29.03.2019 (online) or from 01.04.219 onwards at the Festival Lounge located at:

Schikaneder Kino

Margaretenstraße 22-24, 1040 Vienna

Opening hours: 01.04. - 04.04. 5-10 PM, 05.04.-08.04. 2-10 PM

Regular Ticket Price

8,00€ (except opening film & closing film 9,00€)

Festival Accreditation


Side Events

For the side events (workshops) online registration is sometimes required. You can also register at the festival center. Side events are for free or for at an additional cost. When applicable, payment in cash only, on the day of the event. Please check the program for prices and registration.


Tickets are only sold to persons 18 and over upon presentation of an valid ID. Tickets cannot be pre-ordered and reservations are not possible. Seating is free in all cinemas as tickets are not numbered. Only for our Indiegogo crowdfunding backers, your tickets and seats are reserved.

Festival Accreditation

A proof of professional activity in the media, film or film festival industry is required for accreditation. Please note it does not guarantee a cinema ticket. Tickets are only given in person with your accreditation badge and according to availability of tickets. You can only purchase tickets for the current day. First-come, first-served. For accreditation holders: from 29. March to 3. April you can only get tickets for 4. April 2019. In order to attend side-events, you need to register online or at the festival center. All side-events for persons with accreditation is either for free or at an additional cost – please check the specific event for details.


Tickets are only available at the festival center or one hour before the movie starts in the cinema. Only payment in cash is possible. Ticket sales at the side-events is not possible. Tickets for all events are available at the Festival Center. Fortuna Kino, Filmcasino and Top Kino only sell tickets for their own film screenings. The end customer agrees by purchasing the ticket to the terms and conditions of the organiser and is obliged to follow the festival guidelines