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PFFV x A…cademy of Fine KINK ’24

New Intimate Horizons

09.04.2024 VERNISSAGE 09.04. 8PM / Party 10PM - 02AM 

Exhibition open daily 10.04. - 14.04. 2PM - 8PM

(free entry - no ticket needed)

The Porn Film Festival Vienna together with the Student Representation for Fine Arts presents a special exhibition “New Intimate Horizons”  at the Academy of Fine Arts, Room “EG Nord”, Lehargasse. On April 9th, there will be an extravagant vernissage where visitors are encouraged to become part of the performances.


The main theme of this year's exhibition “New Intimate Horizons” is the interaction between the realms of our realities and modern technology. Digital platforms such as Pornhub, Grindr, Tinder and the new AI sidekicks influence and change (sometimes even without our own awareness) our perceptions of concepts such as sex, gender and political practices, political behavior. These tools let us witness a new wave of sexual exploration and identity performance, but they are also definitively transforming power dynamics. How do we look at each other? How do we communicate and how do our bodies behave in the digital age? 


Using various art forms such as photography, painting, installation, film, sculpture and performative practices, the exhibition endeavors to address these queries. “New Intimate Horizons” tries to change the narratives about pornography, which is still associated with taboo and shame in our culture, but furthermore showing it as a playground for questioning and transformation. The artists break and challenge society's conventional views and picture realities and futures of inclusivity, desire, freedom and safety in sexual expression. Each new (intimate) horizon offers a new perspective on the world and ourselves.

Participating Artists: 

Ana Vollwesen, Agostina Prato & Juli Puch, Andrea Pass, Emma Grima, Florian Leibetseder, June Hwajung, Ilkin Zeybek, Jakob Liu Wächter, Jana Nowak, Katja Buranich, Konstantin Novikov, Sophie Greistorfer, Lars* Kollros, Milena Nowak, Carrot Root, María Riot, Sara Mlakar, Sepideh Hassani, Wayssa Wayno, Aleksandra Kola Kluczyk, Efthymios Charmalias, Gabi Moncayo Asan, Chucky Schuster, Justyna Tuchorska, Iris Kaufman, Hidéo SNES, Orçun Karamustafa, Olivier Hölzl, Ludovica Galleani d’Agliano, SamHel (The Maker), Aleksandar Murkovic, Claudia Virginia Dimoiu, Wolf & Paul inc., Johannes Grenzfurthner, Thomas Kranabetter, Christian Schüler, Offerus Ablinger, Alexei Dmitriev, Daniel Rajcsanyi

Curated by Jasmin Hagendorfer, Olga Shapovalova and Lars* Kollros 


EG Nord, Semperdepot

Academy Of Fine Arts

Lehárgasse 6-8

1060 Wien

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