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Our Team.

The team behind the magic. At PFFV, we pride ourselves on our team's diversity and dedication. Our volunteers work tirelessly to bring the best independent spicy films from around the world to the screens of our audience. Get to know the team behind the festival and see their passion for the art of filmmaking.

Yavuz Kurtulmus_edited.jpg

Yavuz Kurtulmus

Festival Director

Stefan Yazzie Herbert_edited.jpg

Stefan yazzie herbert

Art Director

Sophie Windisch_edited.jpg

Sophie Windisch

Film Traffic Coordination

Conny Anzengruber_edited.jpg

Conny Anzengruber

Diversity Management

Sophia Oberrauch_edited.jpg

Sophia Oberrauch

Copy Writer

Jasmin Hagendorfer_edited.jpg

Jasmin Hagendorfer

Festival Director

Johanna Pauls-2_edited.jpg

Johanna Pauls

Press & Public Relations

Oliwia Pordzik_edited.jpg

Oliwia Pordzik

Guest Management

Orçun Karamustafa_edited.jpg

Orçun Karamustafa

Photo & Video

Adrineh Simonian_edited.jpg

Adrineh Simonian

Program Director

Valeria Menia_edited.jpg

Valeria Menia

Side Event Coordination

Anna Braun_edited.jpg

Anna Braun

Volunteer Coordination

Staš Čebular_edited_edited.jpg

Staš Čebular

Social Media 


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