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Orlando, My Political Biography

by Paul B. Preciado



19:00 - 20:30


Orlando, My Political Biography by Paul B. Preciado, France 2023, 98 minutes, French with German and English subtitles

In "Orlando" (1928), Virginia Woolf tells the story of a young man who ends up being a woman. Almost 100 years after the publication of the novel, which is now considered a key queer text, philosopher and trans activist Paul B. Preciado writes a film letter to Woolf and calls out to her: "Your character has come true, the world is full of Orlandos today! In his film, he traces his own transformation and lets 25 other trans and non-binary people between the ages of 8 and 70 have their say. They all slip into the role of Orlando.


Margaretenstraße 22-24, 1040 Wien, Austria

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