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Conscious Intimacy Training

with Bruno Kofler & May Garzon



16:00 - 19:00

Aidshilfe 3.OG

Dive deeper into conscious intimacy with yourself (and maybe with others)
We will guide you through different exercises and games that focus on increasing your self-awareness and intimacy with yourself. Once you have arrived more into your sensual-sexual body and soul, we’ll practice boundary and consent work. This means, we will work on your ability to feel your needs, desires, boundaries and limits and in the next step to communicate them openly and directly. All practices are without sexual elements, focused on spiritual growth, ease and connection.

180 min.
Workshop in English.
The workshop is open to people with all genders, bodies, sexual orientations, statuses of relationship, backgrounds, nationalities. The focus is on your individual journey, no matter if you come alone or with a partner(s).
The workshop is a judgment-free zone. Dress as comfortable / sexy / colorful / normal / weird as you want. Come as authentic as possible, however you feel this.

Bruno Kofler has been cultivating and teaching traditional martial arts for over 18 years. His life purpose and warrior mindset is based on the inner path, the path to the now, permanently growing, learning and healing and also enjoying this journey. He is offering personal coaching, men’s work and conscious intimacy.

May Garzon accompanies people as "Intimacy Guide" in the areas of intimacy, sexuality, relationship, communication and emotion as a coach, facilitator and ISTA inspired bodyworker. Her heart's desire is to build a community in Vienna that actively creates space for shared development, support, closeness and connection in a conscious way.


Accessibility: open to all bodies. Auditory capacity is needed.

Aidshilfe 3.OG

Mariahilfer Gürtel 4, 1060 Wien, Austria

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