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Embracing Pornopositivity: From Theory to Practice

with Madita Oeming & Paulita Pappel
presented with o*books



19:30 - 21:30

o*books store

Imagine a world where porn graces the digital shelves of public media libraries, is revered as a cultural treasure in academia, garners awards as cinematic art, and is openly enjoyed and discussed as a guilt-free form of entertainment. Cultural and porn studies scholar Madita Oeming, along with festival curator and adult film producer Paulita Pappel, dream of such a society. They ponder, "Why aren't we there yet? What makes us view pornography as a menace? Why the hush-hush?"
In a delightful fusion of wit and wisdom, these two mavens offer insights from both theory and real-world practice. They debunk myths with the grace of a cat avoiding a puddle, and share excerpts from their groundbreaking works, "PORNO - An Audacious Analysis" and "Pornopositive: What Does Pornography Have to Do with Feminism, Autonomy, and Good Sex?" Are you ready to have your views on adult entertainment turned upside down and inside out, all while sporting a mischievous grin?

Language of presentation & reading: German.
no entry fee!

Madita Oeming is a public porn scholar from Germany. Over the past decade, she has taught university classes and has given numerous talks about porn and its place in society. Through a variety of media outlets, Madita actively communicates her work to broader audiences and, most recently, published her non-fiction book “Porno – Eine unverschämte Analyse”. Madita believes in building bridges, has collaborated with porn folks such as Jiz Lee or Paulita Pappel, and was a jury member of the 2018 Pornfilmfestival Berlin. Her goal is to fight stigma through a more nuanced public conversation about porn.

Paulita Pappel (born 1987) works under this pseudonym as a porn entrepreneur. She grew up in Spain and fled to Berlin as soon as she could to explore her sexuality freely. During her studies in literary sciences, she began acting in porn films, which financed her studies and hedonistic lifestyle. Today, she increasingly works behind the camera, as a producer and director.

o*books, a young bookstore in Vienna's second district, sees itself as more than just a retail space; it's a cultural hub. We believe in the transformative power of books to inspire, educate, and entertain, regardless of their form. By prioritizing topics like feminism, queerness, anti-racism, inclusion and diversity, we strive for positive change. With the largest shelf dedicated solely to Flinta individuals, obooks is making a statement. We regard these topics not merely as clichés, but as subjects we actively explore, embody, and delve into daily. Through readings and events, o*books became an integral part of our neighborhood for over a year.

Accessibility: Auditory perception is required.

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