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How to: sex education?

with Franziska & Anne




Aidshilfe 3.OG

How can we be contact persons for children and young people when it comes to sex, porn and emotions? What experiences have we had with sex education in our lifetimes and educational careers? Have our parents or care-takers talked to us about sex and pornography?
In the workshop “How to: sex education?” we want to open up a space to talk about the teaching and handling of sex education in a practice-oriented, self-reflective and exemplary way. We work very interactively and deal with topics such as emotions, sex, porn, lust and disgust (all aspects of sex education). In particular we will provide some tools, materials and exercises to practice, developing and deepening an open, confident attitude to talk about it .

150 min.
Language: The workshop is held in German.
Please bring drinks, pencils and maybe your notebook (not a must).

Franziska (she/her) and Anne (she/her) completed their training in sex education in Vienna last year, including two joint workshops. Franziska lives in Vienna, has studied media education, and will be attending an IT bootcamp in May. Anne has been living in Berlin since the autumn of 2023, studies Gender Studies, and is an abortion rights activist. In the future, they both hope to continue designing sex education workshops together beyond Vienna and Berlin.

Accessibility: Auditory perception is required.

Aidshilfe 3.OG

Mariahilfer Gürtel 4, 1060 Wien, Austria

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