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Porn is Political! Porn Shorts

Queer Museum Vienna x PFFV Porn Shorts



18:30 - 20:00

Queer Museum

FREE ENTRY - no ticket needed!

Dive into a curated collection of PORN IS POLITICAL! SHORTS that artfully and passionately explores the spectrum of LGBTQIA+ diversity, body positivity, queer sexuality, and sheer joy. From the artsy to the steamy, the kinky to the humorous, these films shine a light on identities and bodies too often left in the shadows, carving out queer spaces and dismantling stereotypes to challenge the conventional narratives of porn production.
This selection transcends mere entertainment, embodying sexual politics and a commitment to body positivity, inclusion, and the sexual revolution. It stands as both a platform for sexual self-expression and an educational tool, celebrating diversity while wielding explicit political messages. By questioning representation and addressing current issues, these films transform into an activist beacon against social injustice and discrimination. Join us in celebrating a world where porn is not just seen but felt, as a vibrant, political, and unifying force.

Screens*Scream*Sex - On The Brief All Encompassing Loss of Self by Catherin Schöberl, Isadora Alves, Emily and Salphinah Savin, Switzerland 2023, English, 7 minutes
Reclamation by Oran Julius, United States, English, 7 minutes
SCARS by Luna E. Heine, Sreya Chatterjee, Germany 2023, English, 7 minutes
Squirting - a history of female pleasure by Jana Nowak, Germany 2023, German, 8 minutes
House of Whoreship by Holly Laura Bates, Australia 2022, English, 16 minutes
Alchemy of the Meat by Mahx Capacity, United States 2023, English, 8 minutes
Wien-Konsent - Vienna Safety Instructor by Lars* Kollros, Austria 2024, No Dialogue, 8 minutes
Boys Boys Boys by Bobby, Buck, Fine Green, Gorj Michael, Jona Wolf, Kulshedra, Lilith the Quing, M.C., Poland 2023, English, 6 minutes
POSTBulímika by Pau Devolar Van Dragen, Spain 2022, No Dialogue, 11 minutes
Intimità (Intimacy) by Matteo Giampetruzzi, Italy 2022, Italian with English subtitles, 5 minutes

Free entry, donations are welcome.
No ticket needed.

In collaboration with Queer Museum Vienna

Queer Museum

Baumgartner Höhe 1, 1140 Wien, Austria

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