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SpicySpectrum: Neurodiversity & Intimacy

with Anna



13:00 - 15:00

Aidshilfe DG

In a two-hour workshop, the aim is to discover intimacy together from a neurodiverse perspective.
Many guidebooks give autistic people and people with ADHD tips on the first kiss, but what happens afterwards is often left to their own imagination. For workshop leader Anna, who lives with both diagnoses herself, intimacy often meant stress and lots of question marks. On her journey to enjoying intimacy, she has gathered exciting experiences that will inspire neurodivergent folks (and their partners) on their own journey in impulse lectures, discussion groups and sensory journeys.

This workshop is aimed at neurodivergent individuals (diagnosed or self-diagnosed) who struggle with intimacy or find themselves in difficult situations, and their partners interested in understanding different views on intimacy and sexuality. A basic understanding of neurodivergence is recommended for participants.

120 min.
Workshop is held in German.. (Active participation in the talks and the sensory journey is voluntary. You are welcome to just listen)
Please bring a yoga mat or blanket. Fidget toys (preferably noiseless) are welcome!
VOLUNTARY - Bring an item (e.g., toy, clothing, accessory, etc.) that you associate with intimacy & sexuality. We will talk about its significance to you and what you like about it. Your item will not be passed around; you can choose to show it or simply describe it.

Anna, who chose Vienna as her home, decided to dedicate her academic life to Media and Law, driven by her wide range of interests. Diagnosed with ADHD in her 20s, she makes it her daily mission to merge her job, studies, and social life with greater mindfulness.

Accessibility: open to all bodies. Auditory perception is required.

Aidshilfe DG

Mariahilfer Gürtel 4, 1060 Wien, Austria

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