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The Penis Gathering

with Bruno Kofler



19:00 - 21:00

Aidshilfe 3.OG

Sharing & Self-love for penis owners. Release & Recharge.

First part: Let’s talk about sex. Authentically, openly, confidentially.
After a short guided inner self-journey, we’ll share everything and anything that’s on our mind regarding sexuality, intimacy, porn, relationships etc.
Second part: Let’s give us some love and touch ourselves in a new way. Slowly, consciously, caring and nurturing. Everyone will get a blindfold and can lay or sit down. Then I’ll guide a self-touch session while being blindfolded myself. We’ll focus on breathing and relaxing, touching without goal and without shame.

120 min
The workshop is held in German. (In English only if everyone agrees to do it that way or it is necessary.)
Note: Solely for men with a biological penis who want to be seen and understood by other men. Who want to be authentic, be heard and accepted without competition.
Coming in pairs or single is both possible and welcome. The focus is on your individual journey.
Please: Comfortable clothes are recommended but not necessary. If possible, please bring a sarong/lunghi/big towel (to put underneath you for the second part) or your clothes in case you don’t have something. Please, participants you should bring your own blindfolds (a scarf or a cloth to cover the eyes can also be used).

Bruno Kofler has been cultivating and teaching traditional martial arts for over 18 years. His life purpose and warrior mindset is based on the inner path, the path to the now, permanently growing, learning and healing and also enjoying this journey. He is offering personal coaching, men’s work and conscious intimacy.


Accessibility: Auditory perception is required.

Aidshilfe 3.OG

Mariahilfer Gürtel 4, 1060 Wien, Austria

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